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When you implement a Vendor Management System you also must identify your program’s operation model and make sure the VMS you select supports that model. A VMS cannot be successful if your operation has to be force-fit into a rigid VMS model!

With flexibility at it’s core, XRMSM System supports all models including ones that haven’t been thought of yet.

The ideal model for one organization is never the same for another, which is why XRMSM System offers flexible models tailored to the distinct needs of each customer. Opportunity costs? XSI has deployed programs in as little as 4 weeks. Start operating and start generating cost savings faster than any other VMS.

Master Service Providers (MSP) 

In a MSP relationship, the Customer gives the engaged service provider the responsibility for the fulfillment of all Contingent Labor needs through their network of associate vendors to support the program. In some cases the MSP may have a staffing arm that may also provide staffing to the Customer under a ‘vendor neutral’ model. Additionally, the MSP acts as the administrator for any implemented VMS technology.

  • XRMSM  System’s ability to handle a wide range of contingent worker categories from light industrial, through admin/clerical, IT pros, rocket scientists, and SOWs will make it easier to grow your business.
  • XRMSM System will help you deliver a customized solution that will excite your client!


Master Vendor (MV) Providers 

In a Master Vendor relationship, the Customer gives the engaged Master Vendor sole responsibility for the fulfillment of all Contingent Labor needs. The Master Vendor may engage their network of associate vendors to support the program at their discretion though majority of the fills are done by the Master vendor. Additionally, the Master Vendor also acts as the administrator for any implemented VMS technology.

  • XRMSM  System’s ability to configure a variety of requisition broadcast rules enable the Master Vendor to fine tune their program to meet fill rate metrics for Customer orders while maximizing their own staffing is a differentiator.
  • XRMSM System will give you full visibility and control into your MV program while meeting Customer’s SLA targets!


Vendor On Premise (VOP) Providers

This is typically what the industry refers to as “On-site MSP”. A staffing firm acts as the on-site representative for the Customer mostly in light-industrial and commercial (e.g., call center) environments and typically is cited as the “primary vendor” in the program. This solution may include a small number of associate vendors to supplement the VOP provider. Most of the VMS tools available in the market do not support this model (unlike XRMSM System) forcing the vendors to use home-grown tools.

  • Employ XRMSM System’s unique offering for Vendor-on-Premise operation
  • Gain the ability to track worker time entry all the way from Punch to Pay with the use of XRM Clock, a patented real-time time clock that is fully integrated with XRMSM System
  • You and your client’s supervisors will have up-to-date information about labor spend, attendance and overtime from their dashboards within the VMS in real-time without having to access multiple systems


Internally Managed MSP

An internally managed program is where an organization handles all aspects of Contingent Workforce management including configuring and deploying a VMS, staffing agency management and contract ownership.

  • You cannot get any better solution than XRMSM System’s ease of deployment and fast delivery on customization
  • Our experienced deployment teams which also includes professionals with in-depth MSP experience will help you every step of the way and continue to be involved throughout your partnership


Hybrid Models

We understand that not all Staffing Models look the same and may not fit neatly into one of the above models. Contact our expert consultants to put together a creative solution for your distinct needs!

  • Would you prefer a MSP vendor to handle your Non-Technical Non-employees like light-industrial or admin/clerical, but maintain internal ownership of your Technical resources?
  • Would you like your procurement to handle SOW, but need HR to view or approve SOW related talent… sometimes?


Additional Service Model Offerings:

RPO – Recruitment Process Outsourcing

This BPO (business process outsourcing) solution gives a MSP provider full governance of the Customer’s direct recruitment process. The solution is customer centric, and can integrate with as many internal processes and technologies as desired.

Payroll Services

A relationship where a Staffing Provider acts as the employer of record for all contingent workforce that has been pre-identified or engaged by the Customer. XRMSM System has specific modules optimized for the payrolling process designed to reduce the overhead in getting pre-identified contractors on-boarded.



VMS companies typically work in tandem with a Contingent Workforce Program Management Office (PMO) to offer a total Contingent Labor solution. Customarily, an MSP provider or customer’s internal representatives staff the PMO and manage the day to day functions relative to the contingent workforce. XSI team members work with your PMO team to implement the contingent workforce program and provide on-going level-2 support.