What exactly IS a Contingent Laborer? 

The Department of Labor classifies any independent contractors, part-time, temporary, seasonal, and leased workers as Contingent Workforce. Employment trends indicate a significant increase in Contingent Workforce reliance from US Companies, and VMS Companies continue to respond to these trends; though system hacks are not always functional and may be putting your company in jeopardy.

Is your VMS putting you at risk?

Capturing various classifications of Contingent Labor should be distinct and reportable. XSI takes pride in adjusting to our customer’s workforce ecosystem to meet their business objectives.  Taking a look at the types of Contingent Labor can better help us understand the complexities.

By failing to have a good grasp on your worker population, you put your company at significant risk. It is imperative that all non-employee workers are documented, classified appropriately, reportable, and accessible at all times. Our system is accommodating and responsive to worker classification and offers modules to support the various flexible workforce options the market provides.

resource management

But, it still has to work

Business risk aside, we also have to focus on the functionality of the tool you’re using. Is it simple and functional? Do your users try to take shortcuts rather than using the system?

Many systems on the market have made significant attempts to create serviceable models from existing framework. Sometimes, it works great! Other times, it’s more trouble than it’s worth. We recognize this at XSI, and focus on simplicity in design and usability. By keeping our system concise, we have the ability to customize, configure, and create functionality for our customers.

XRM Non-Employee Tracking

Non-Employee: Contingent Labor

Knowing who is on-site and using your infrastructure can significantly reduce your risk. XRMSM System offers unique modules designed for sourcing and tracking all types of contingent labor including professional, light industrial, SOW based and Independent Contractor (IC) type of resources that enable you to procure and manage all of your contingent labor resources in one place.

Non-Employee: Leased Services

Most organizations have non-employees placed by service contractors not necessarily working through traditional contingent labor models that may have access to facilities and infrastructure. From the janitors to the soda vendors, many non-employees are working in your organization. XRMSM System offers the visibility you need to track any resource who provides services at your facility.

Non-Employee: Direct Services

You could be hosting employees of supplier/sub-contractors for all types of collaborative projects. Looking at the automotive industry as an example, product development teams for tier two suppliers might find themselves working at the OEM locations for months on end. XRMSM System provides you with snapshots of these resources so that you have a complete census of such resources.