XRM Solutions Inc. (XSI) is committed to your unique Total Workforce Solution. Our team works diligently to provide you an overall portfolio of services and solutions distinct to your business needs.

Working with XSI, you can be assured that your contingent labor program plan will be thorough, thoughtful, and seamlessly integrated into your present-day processes and systems.

Our implementation team yields record breaking release times, and provides y
our staff with the tools and training to use XRMSM System confidently. Ongoing support and incremental refresher demonstrations have proven to enhance our user experience and provide self-reliance.

System flexibility gives our customers the room they need to grow. Our Development team addresses all change requests within a defined SLA far above industry standard.

As an added value, XSI has a large network
of affiliates and offers a variety of solutions. Our customer base is far reaching and includes end clients, MSP and VOP firms, and Payroll Service vendors to name a few.